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“To be a supporting unit of UMMat in its vision to be an internationally-recognized university which is based on Islamic values by developing the international partnerships and activities in all elements of the university”


“The Office of International Affairs supports the University of Muhammadiyah Mataram in global vision by providing leadership, raising awareness, facilitating the pursuit of international education and encouraging global collaborations for the university community in the world”

head office

Dr. Lukman, M. Pd.

Head Office of Cooperate, Relationship and Protocoler

Our aims are to be Excellent, Independent, Islamic, and Competitive in ASEAN.


OFFICE OF THE INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS is formed based on the rector’s decision number: 97/II.3.AU/KEP/B/XI/2016.That in the current era of globalization, the role of information and communication for a higher education is a necessity in improvement and development according to the needs and demands of the community. Therefore the Muhammadiyah University of Mataram needs to improve itself to follow the demands of rapid development and change. Establish cooperative relations with foreign parties (abroad) in terms of academic administration services, student affairs, academic support and understanding by students towards the technical and communication aspects and so on on an international scale. To realize this expectation an office/institution was formed specifically to deal with the issue of developing international affairs to respond to people’s expectations of quality and service quality and quality of output, especially in competition in the labor market.

Our Motto:

“Office of International Affairs is the bridge to the world”


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